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The Tuition Centre Bandon COVID – 19 Statement

COVID-19 Statement

The Tuition Centre Bandon plans phased reopening from Monday the 7th of September. While we looking forward to welcoming returning and new students, we will operate under much reduced capacity this year, both terms of the number of students in individual rooms and in the centre overall. The safety of our students and staff, is our highest priority

What follows is a working document and will be altered and updated in accordance with new guidelines that will be released from the Department of Education and Skills, the HSE and the Government of Ireland. At all times we have the safety and well-being of our students, staff and the community in general as our number one priority.

Updated on: 27/08/20

For now, we will give you an idea of the changes we will implement from the beginning of the year.

Supervised Study will not operate in the first term. We will use the additional space provided by this change to cater for our grinds students according to the steps outlines below.

All our team will be provided with an awareness of COVID-19 and preventative measures of the spread of the virus. Our teachers are all fully qualified teachers who are registered with the Teaching Council.

The Tuition Centre will continue to implement thorough safety precautions and the following measures are being taken to ensure the safety of our staff and students:

  • All students will have pre-booked lessons before attending any of our venues. As part of this process the student will fill in a Covid 19 declaration.
  • All tables in the classrooms will be a minimum of one metre apart.
  • Cloth face coverings will be worn by all teachers and students in the centre.
  • All students must sanitise their hands when entering and exiting our premises. These sanitation stations are conveniently located throughout the building and at entry and exit points.
  • Parents and guardians are asked to enter the centre only if they have a prior arranged appointment.
  • Where possible and feasible, doors and/or windows in classrooms will remain open for ventilation purposes and to avoid contact with door handles.
  • Our buildings will be cleaned thoroughly, as usual, but we will increase the frequency of such, especially at all touch points throughout the building. Every night, all classrooms that are used, will be sanitised in accordance with the guidelines of the health and safety department.
  • All students will be required to disinfect and wipe down their tables and chairs at the end of each study session/class and dispose of the wipes in a bin provided. Students may use their own wipes but wipes will be provided by The Tuition Centre if needed.
  • It is advised that students sanitise hands prior and after opening the toilet doors.
  • All members of staff and students are advised to wash and sanitise their hands frequently and follow hygiene advice when coughing/sneezing.
  • Relevant health and safety information will be displayed throughout the building. Link: (https://www.hse.ie/eng/services/news/newsfeatures/covid19- updates/partnerresources/hand-hygiene-poster-english.pdf).
  • It is prohibited to borrow pens or any objects when signing in/out of study/classes or attending study/classes. Please use your own belongings.
  • Students should not travel in groups to class so as to maintain the required social distancing and take personal responsibility for themselves and others. Gatherings are not permitted. Physical contact of any kind is prohibited.
  • Any student or staff member who develops a Covid-19 related symptom must inform The Tuition Centre immediately. Students will be escorted to an isolation room, where parent/family are contacted.
  • Isolation rooms will be equipped with the relevant equipment, as per government guidelines.
  • Any student/member of staff who has been in close contact with a confirmed case or displays any of the symptoms of COVID 19 must not enter our premises for 14 days.
  • In the event of a confirmed case, The Tuition Centre will have a log of students who were in the classroom with the confirmed case or of any contact a staff member was in contact with in order to help with contact tracing.
  • Classes will be staggered to maintain and accommodate social distancing.
  • Wellbeing and mental health awareness are vital. We encourage students to talk to any member of staff and see attached link for further information and guidelines on looking after your mental health: https://www.gov.ie/en/campaigns/together/?referrer=/together/
  • A health questionnaire will be required to be completed by each student (or by their parent/guardian if under 16) and returned to The Tuition Centre prior to attending the Centre
  • If any or all teachers are self-isolating at home and are unable to teach in our venues, we will organise that the lesson is taught remotely.
  • Prior to attendance of these live online classes, parents/guardians must sign a permission slip for students.
  • In the case of students under the age of 18, parents/guardians must agree to monitor their child’s participation in any such lessons conducted on the Online Platforms.